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User experience design is one of the most important disciplines in software development. It is important to note that user experience is not a single step in the process of building software. The practice involves constant improvement based on user behavior and emergence of new tools and techniques. 

At DNN, we recognized the importance of great user experience and the benefits it brings to our users and businesses. Our team is focused on improving the DNN experience. To that end, the release of DNN 6 had a significant impact on adoption largely due to many user interface improvements.

On this site you will find many examples and usage patterns introduced in DNN 6.  This site is also a resource with ongoing updates for patterns introduced in the future. It provides information for those would like to understand and adopt the patterns in their site development.

Why use DNN 6 patterns?

There are many benefits to adopting the new patterns, among them are:

  • Consistency: one of the benefits of adopting the patterns is making modules look and feel more consistent. Modules developed with these standard patterns will also be more at home in a variety of settings. Better yet, the time it takes a new user to learn how to manage your module will be significantly reduced by leveraging these familiar patterns.
  • Speed and agility: the new patterns have web standards at their core. Websites will load faster and be more compatible with modern browsers. Additionally, DNN 6 patterns allow for improved flexibility when adjusting the interface via CSS without needing to alter the HTML foundation.
  • Time-saving: planning and building modules using these form patterns can be much easier than doing it from scratch. The form patterns help speed up development by leveraging reusable UI components so you can focus on the key features of your module and not building the administrative user interface.